Rapid Emulator for PSP

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Rapid Emulator for PSP चे वर्णन

Dear friends! We glad to present you unofficial (developed by fans) emulator, which creates greatest modern abilities for playing PSP games on your Android devices. The main aim is providing maximum quality of gaming, reaching best emulation results.

As we are decade fans of PSP games, then for sure we know, what is most important in emulation area: maximum game compatibility, gameplay speed, picture and sound quality. Now everything is really enjoyable, just check Emulator and you will be really surprised.

Here you are various Rapid PSP Emulator advantages:

- Really smooth gameplay

- Large fps and rapid game speed even in "heavy" games

- Good performance on both high-end and low-end devices

- Perfect sound effects

- Support for different game controllers (you may play using touch or connect controller you wish)

- No any kind of 'freezes' in sound or gameplay, both are natural, you may even connect your smartphone to professional audio system and HD TV

- Advanced abilities for various great games, including special cheats, tips, and so on!

- Ability to play online in games which support coop mode

- Easy settings and tiny interface

This project is created and supported only by fans. Rapid PSP Emulator is based on various open source developments, including PPSSPP project, JPCPS and dozen of others, for example, free graphics linux-origin libraries. This most important idea is being open, so all sources used in development are free and available on public. We also glad to team-up with talented programmers, simply email us if you want to participate.

Please note, that we always stay on legit line and insist that all gamers should own PSP games they want to play. No PSP ISO or PSP CSO download allowed, and for sure none of games included inside Emulator. We have no rights to do so because games are copyrighted materials and should be owned legally.

If you have any questions how to own PSP games or play them, how to configure Rapid PSP Emulator (which is really easy), simply write and comments, we will answer. Feel free to ask!

Good luck, dear friend, have fun.

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